Swan Valley Action Plan

The Minister for Planning has released the Swan Valley Action Plan.

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The Minister for Planning has released the Swan Valley Action Plan. The plan seeks to ensure the Swan Valley remains an attractive and thriving destination that balances viticulture/agriculture, lifestyle and tourism opportunities that are sympathetic to the rural setting.


In 2017, the Minister for Planning appointed the late Hon John Kobelke JP to undertake an independent review of the Swan Valley. The review centred on identifying the best measures to ensure the region’s prosperity into the future as a rural, agricultural and tourism region servicing locals and visitors alike.

Mr Kobelke undertook extensive consultation with the Swan Valley community, the City of Swan, Swan Valley Planning Committee, landowners, residents, businesses and representative groups.

The Swan Valley Planning Review was released for public feedback and guided the development of the Swan Valley Action Plan.
More than 700 people were consulted during the development of the Action Plan. 

Action Plan: What are we doing

The Action Plan will create a consistent vision for the Swan Valley, provide planning certainty, a streamlined and consistent decision-making process, and initiatives to protect the Valley while encouraging future growth. The key points of the Plan are outlined below:

  • Development of a new Swan Valley Planning Act 
  • New planning areas and objectives 
  • Establish a new Swan Valley Statutory Planning Authority 
  • Establish the Swan Valley Strategic Planning Committee 
  •  New Swan Valley Planning Scheme 
  • Water sustainability 
  • Right to Farm provisions 
  • Supporting growth 
  • Renaming localities to Swan Valley 

Next steps

Delivering the Swan Valley Action Plan is a priority for the State Government. Work is progressing on drafting the Swan Valley Bill to replace the Swan Valley Planning Act 1995. A draft local planning strategy and draft Swan Valley Planning Scheme are also being prepared concurrently for community consultation.

If you have any questions, email swanvalley@dplh.wa.gov.au.

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