State Planning Policy 2.1 Peel-Harvey coastal plain catchment

The Peel-Harvey coastal plain catchment policy ensures that land use changes within the Peel-Harvey estuarine system likely to cause environmental damage to the estuary are brought under planning control and prevented.


The objectives of this policy are to:

  • improve the social, economic, ecological, aesthetic, and recreational potential of the Peel-Harvey coastal plain catchment
  • ensure that changes to land use within the catchment to the Peel-Harvey estuarine system are controlled so as to avoid and minimise environmental damage
  • balance environmental protection with the economic viability of the primary sector
  • increase high water-using vegetation cover within the Peel-Harvey coastal plain catchment
  • reflect the environmental objectives in the draft Environmental Protection Policy (Peel-Harvey Estuarine System) 1992
  • prevent land uses likely to result in excessive nutrient export into the drainage system.

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