Special entertainment precincts

Work is progressing on new reforms to protect Western Australia’s vibrant entertainment areas.

The reforms will enable the creation of special entertainment precincts to ensure the viability of live music venues, and enhance the liveliness of our city. 

The Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage, on behalf of the Western Australian Planning Commission, is working closely with the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, and the City of Perth.

It is expected that a draft position statement will soon be issued for public comment, as well as proposed legislative amendments to the Environmental Protection (Noise) Regulations 1997.

The City of Perth council is also considering proposed amendments to their local planning scheme which could establish Northbridge as the State's first entertainment precinct.

These reforms have been informed by a public consultation paper released by the Government in 2018 and extensive community engagement, as well as technical expertise.

Page last reviewed 6 November 2019
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