State Development Assessment Unit overview

Find out more about the role of the State Development Assessment Unit in this new assessment pathway.


The Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) is supported in its decision-making process by a new team, the State Development Assessment Unit, within the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage.

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This team of experienced planners is part of the Department’s Land Use Planning Division and will receive and assess all proposals on behalf of the WAPC. Its activities include:

  • preliminary meetings with proponents to determine whether a proposal meets the ‘significant development’ eligibility criteria
  • engaging with key stakeholders, including local government and the public consultation about proposals
  • assessment of development applications, including design review and referrals as required to other agencies such as Main Roads Western Australia or the Environmental Protection Authority
  • recommendations to the WAPC, which will make a final determination. 

WAPC (Part 17 Significant Development) agendas and minutes

The early engagement phase of the new pathway is designed to provide advice, and the opportunity to address any issues prior to formal lodgement of the development application.

The State Development Assessment Unit will work to coordinate all referral and consultation processes simultaneously, ensuring that the referral process is efficient and without extended timelines.

Application process

The State Development Assessment Unit application process is as follows:

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