Bentley-Curtin specialised activity centre

As a specialised activity centre, Bentley-Curtin is home to regionally significant economic and institutional activities which support the diversification of the Western Australian economy.

Bentley-Curtin Specialised Activity Centre

The Bentley-Curtin Specialised Activity Centre is located approximately six kilometres south-east of central Perth and is one of five specialised activity centres identified in the Western Australian Planning Commission’s Perth and Peel @ 3.5 million suite of strategic planning documents.

Specialised activity centres are places that have dedicated functions focused on regionally significant economic or institutional activities. They present the opportunity for the development of additional specialised activities plus activities and land uses that complement and support the centre’s primary uses and provide amenities to people who utilise the centre.

The Bentley-Curtin Specialised Activity Centre is a significant employment centre. It is the location for State Government agencies, Curtin University, the CSIRO and many other commercial and civic agencies and organisations which have an essential role for the people of Perth and Western Australia.  

Bentley-Curtin Specialised Activity Centre Plan

The Bentley-Curtin Specialised Activity Centre Plan is a strategic framework that will inform further detailed planning and development. Key elements of the Plan include:

  • confirmation of the specialised function of the centre, as a significant place for education, science, technology and research
  • recognition of the centre’s potential for improved utilisation of land and a greater mix of land uses, to support its specialised functions and to provide high-quality amenities and destinations for residents, visitors, workers and the local community
  • the potential for increased residential diversity and choice close to major locations of employment and education
  • provision for integrated street, pedestrian and cycling networks and frequent public transport connections to provide a high level of connectivity to areas and networks surrounding Bentley-Curtin
  • a concept for landscape and public realm character based on existing qualities to provide for multi-functional open spaces and improved legibility.

The Western Australian Planning Commission sought public comment on the Plan between December 2016 and February 2017. Analysis of submissions and revision to the document occurred and a final version was approved by the Western Australian Planning Commission and the Minister for Transport; Planning; Lands in 2018.

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