Land tenure pathway for irrigated agriculture (LTPIA)

The LTPIA, administered by the department, is a key component of the $40 million Royalties for Regions funded Water for Food initiative.

In an effort to stimulate greater economic development and investment across the State for intensive irrigated agriculture, the LTPIA will assist proponents (including pastoralists and third party investors) to obtain more secure land tenure.

The LTPIA provides an opportunity for the private sector to apply to develop irrigated agricultural projects on Crown land (including portions of an existing Pastoral Lease, unallocated Crown land or unmanaged reserves) in locations where the State is not taking a lead role.

Securing higher land tenure, such as long term leasehold or freehold, is a critical part of achieving irrigated agricultural development which in turn will support more sustainable economic development across the State's Rangelands.

Changing tenure is complex and takes time. The LTPIA makes the process clearer and consists of four stages:

Information package

A comprehensive information package and website has been developed to assist proponents to understand the opportunities, risks, timeframes and costs associated with applications as well as the processes they will need to undergo as part of the LTPIA. The package also contains tools to assist proponents in obtaining government approvals and outlines requirements under the Native Title Act 1993 (Cth).

Page last reviewed 23 January 2019
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