Port Hedland West End Improvement Scheme no.1

The key objective of the Improvement Scheme is to implement the State Government’s response to the Port Hedland Dust Management Taskforce Report to Government (2016).

The Port Hedland West End Improvement Scheme No. 1 applies to land west of Taplin Street in Port Hedland, as depicted on Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) plan numbered 3.2753. 

Improvement Scheme Documents  

Land use framework

The Port Hedland West End Improvement Scheme No. 1 (the Scheme) provides land use and development controls over the scheme area, including powers for the WAPC to determine development applications, prepare policies, structure plans, and local development plans. 

The land use planning framework for the Scheme is provided by: 

Improvement Scheme aims 

The Port Hedland West Improvement Scheme was gazetted 18 September 2020 and is now the operative planning scheme for the West End of Port Hedland. The Town of Port Hedland’s local planning scheme now ceases to apply to land within the improvement Scheme area. 

The aims of the Scheme are to: 

  • provide a statutory planning instrument through which to implement the strategic planning framework and effectively guide the preparation of statutory plans, statutory referral documentation and policy (as may be required) to facilitate orderly and proper planning of the Scheme area 
  • implement the State Government response to the Port Hedland Dust Management Taskforce Report to Government (2016) to prohibit sensitive land uses and restrict population growth in the West End of Port Hedland, by prohibiting: 
    • new residential development 
    • development intended for use either exclusively or primarily by sensitive groups, including aged care, child care, and medical facilities
  • facilitate opportunities for investment and development of quality built form and public place design across the Scheme area and public foreshore reserve interfaces that recognise the iconic location and heritage significance of Port Hedland’s West End. 
  • provide a strategic planning framework to determine future land uses, considering all land use options, that takes into consideration physical, economic, social, and environment factors. 


The finalisation of the Scheme means that the WAPC is now the responsible authority for the assessment of development applications. 

The Scheme Text sets out: 

  • the planning framework for Port Hedland’s West End 
  • zones and use of land 
  • general development requirements 
  • requirement for development approval 
  • applications for development approval 
  • procedure for dealing with applications for development approval 
  • bushfire risk management 
  • enforcement and administration. 

Lodging an application for development approval 

 The Lodging an application for development approval page contains the application form, information and tools required to guide you through making an application online. 


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