Planning Bulletin 49 - Caravan parks

The intent of this bulletin is to support the provision of caravan parks within Western Australia by facilitating greater flexibility in the design and composition of new or redeveloped caravan parks, while delivering quality land use planning outcomes.

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This bulletin, to be applied on a case-by-case basis, provides guidance on matters to be taken into consideration in planning for caravan parks, including the development of new or redevelopment of existing parks. This position provides a more flexible approach to encourage and support investment in the caravan park industry.

Key planning objectives for caravan parks are to:

  • ensure the development and long term retention of caravan parks as a form of short stay (affordable) accommodation primarily for leisure tourists
  • recognise that the commercial sustainability of caravan parks requires some flexibility in product mix, site design and risk mitigation approaches
  • plan for and facilitate growth in the caravan park industry
  • ensure the compatibility of short stay and long stay uses of caravan parks through appropriate separation
  • encourage the development and redevelopment of caravan parks in a manner that responds appropriately to the environment, economy and context, and maintains a minimum standard
  • ensure any new caravan parks are located appropriately to their intended market, function and context
Page last reviewed 3 January 2019
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