Planning bulletins

Planning bulletins provide advice on legislation, planning practice, subdivision and development control, and policy positions of the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC).

 Parliament House Precinct policyJul 1983
10Geotechnical reports for subdivisionsJan 1996
21Cash-in-lieu of public open spaceApr 1997
33Rights-of-way or laneways in established areasJan 2017
37Draft model text provisions forstructure plansFeb 2000
49Caravan parksMay 2014
52Process for seeking approval under the Strata Titles Act 1985 (and Planning and Development Act 2005) for strata titles and delegation to local government of built strata applicationsJun 2009
67Guidelines for wind farm developmentMay 2004
69Bush forever areasDec 2015
70Caretakers' dwellings in industrial areasJan 2017
71Residential leasehold estates and developmentsMar 2005
72Child care centresAug 2009
80Swan Valley Planning Legislation Amendment Act 2006Jun 2006
83Planning for tourismJan 2013
87High pressure gas transmission pipelines in the Perth Metropolitan RegionOct 2007
91Restrictive covenantsJan 2017
94Approval requirements for public works and development by public authoritiesNov 2008
97Proposed street tree and utility planning amendments to Liveable Neighbourhoods and Development Control Policy 1.3 - Strata titlesMay 2009
99Holiday homes guidelinesSep 2009
100State Planning Policy 3.6 - Development contributions for infrastructureNov 2009
102Section 76 of the Planning and Development Act 2005Nov 2010
104Improvement schemes and plansNov 2010
105Section 126 - Zoning amended by regional planning schemesNov 2010
107New model subdivision conditionsOct 2012
108Layout plansFeb 2013
110Guidance on the processing of Built Strata title applicationsDec 2013
111Planning in bushfire prone areasOct 2016
112Medium-density single house development standards – development zonesApr 2016
113Multiple dwellings in R40 coded areas and variation to R-Codes multiple dwelling development standardsJul 2015
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