Design WA Stage 1 documents and additional resources

Design WA Stage 1 has been released by the Minister for Planning and became operational on 24 May 2019.

Design WA Stage 1

Design WA Stage One became operational following publication in the Government Gazette on 24 May 2019.

Stage 1 includes:

State Planning Policy 7.0: Design of the Built Environment: the lead policy that elevates the importance of design quality across the whole built environment. It includes 10 principles for good design and establishes the framework for integrating design review as a part of the evaluation process.

State Planning Policy 7.3: Residential Design Codes Volume 2 – Apartments: This is a policy for apartments and mixed-use developments which focuses on improved design outcomes for apartments, and will replace Part 6 of the R-Codes.

Design Review Guide: this works with SPP7.0 to assist local governments with the establishment and operation of design review panels, and will support consistency in the design review processes already in operation across the State.  It also provides a framework for the operation of the State Design Review Panel.

Since the public release of the State Planning Policy 7.3: Residential Design Codes Volume 2 – Apartments, a number of minor edits to the policy have been made prior to gazettal. They are considered minor in nature, do not change the intent of the document and clarify the interpretation of certain provisions. View the minor modifications document.

These changes have been incorporated into the online version of the document. For those with a hard copy of the policy, it is recommended you make note of the changes.

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Updates to the R-codes

As of 24 May 2019, the former State Planning Policy 3.1 Residential Design Codes has been renamed State Planning Policy 7.3 Residential Design Codes Volume 1, retaining all content with the exception of Part 6.

New State Planning Policy 7.3 R-Codes Volume 2 - Apartments replaces the content of Part 6 of SPP3.1.

View SPP 7.3 Residential Design Codes Volume 1.

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