MRS amendments

An amendment to the MRS changes the zoning or reservation of land to allow for a different land use.

Below are active and recently finalised MRS amendments.  Copies of archived MRS amendments are available on request.

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How long does an MRS amendment take?

In general, a major MRS amendment usually takes 24 months to complete, depending on the environmental assessment process, the number of submissions and requests for hearings. The Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) will consider all submissions before making a recommendation to the Minister for Planning.

MRS amendments finalised

MRS Minor amendment 1340/57 - South Forrestdale Business Park Stage 2
MRS Major amendment 1270/41 - Ocean Reef Marina Redevelopment
MRS Minor amendment 1343/57 - South East and South West Districts Omnibus 3
MRS major amendment 1325/41 - North Bullsbrook Urban Precinct
MRS Minor amendment 1341/57 - Central Districts Omnibus 5
MRS Minor amendment 1339/57 - North-East and North-West Districts Omnibus 2
MRS Major amendment 1332/41 - Swan Valley Omnibus 1
MRS Minor amendment 1346/57 - Lots 705 – 708 Armadale Road, Treeby
MRS amendment 1350/27 - Portion of Mandogalup Precinct, City of Kwinana
MRS amendment 1354/27 - Pt East Wanneroo Cell 2, City of Wanneroo
MRS Minor amendment 1342/57 - Eric Singleton Reserve And Environs
MRS amendment 1349/27 - Lots 1793-1795 Matison Street, Southern River, City of Gosnells
MRS Minor amendment 1331/57 - Rosehill Waters, City of Swan
MRS Minor amendment 1322/57 - Flynn Drive Other Regional Roads Reserve Review
MRS Minor amendment 1329/57 - Henley Brook Urban Precinct
MRS amendment 1326/57 - Bullsbrook East, City of Swan
MRS amendment 1327/27 - Part of Bullsbrook East, City of Swan
MRS amendment 1337/27 - Lot 9000 Bushmead Road, Hazelmere, City of Swan
MRS amendment 1345/27 - Lyon Road Wandi Precinct, City of Kwinana
MRS Major amendment 1280/41 - Mangles Bay Marina
MRS Major amendment 1291/41 - Herdsman Glendalough Precinct
MRS Major Amendment 1308/41 - East Wanneroo Structure Plan Area
MRS Minor amendment 1297/57 - South East & South West Districts Omnibus 2
MRS Minor amendment 1315/57 - South East Baldivis Urban Cell
Minor amendment 1320/57 - Western Power Omnibus 2
MRS Minor amendment 1321/57 - Anstey Road East Precinct
MRS Minor amendment 1330/57 - Hamilton Hill High School Site


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