Swan Valley planning committee

The Swan Valley Planning Committee was created under the Swan Valley Planning Act 1995 (SVP Act).

The committee advises the City of Swan and the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) on land use planning and land development in the SVP Act area. The committee is also charged with prescribing planning and development objectives for the various parts of the valley in accordance with the objectives of the SVP Act.

Committee members

Members of the Swan Valley Planning committee (SVPC) are appointed by the Minister for Planning under section 11 (1) of the Swan Valley Planning Act 1995.

  • Cr Charlie Zannino - Chairperson
  • Cr Rod Henderson - Nominee of the President, City of Swan
  • Cr Charlie Zannino - Ward Councillor, City of Swan
  • Ms Elizabeth Taylor - Nominee of the WAPC Chairman
  • Vacant - Representative of Midland and Districts Chamber of Commerce and Industries
  • Mr Jim Lovreta - Representative of Grape Growers Association of Western Australia Inc
  • Mr John Griffiths - Representative of Swan Valley and Regional Winemakers Association
  • Mr Keith Vuleta - Resident of the Swan Valley
  • Vacant - Representative of Aboriginal interests
  • Ms Joyce Stowe - Representative of Equestrian interests
  • Vacant - Environmental expert

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