Pastoral leases

Pastoral leases are leases over Crown land which gives the lessee the right to graze authorised livestock on the natural vegetation.

Pastoral leases are limited to the natural surface of the land only, and the lessee has no right to the soil or timber.

Pastoral purposes are defined as:

a) the commercial grazing of livestock such as sheep, cattle and goats on native vegetation

b) agricultural, horticultural or other supplementary uses of land inseparable from, essential to, or normally carried out in conjunction with the grazing of authorized stock, including the production of stock feed

c) activities ancillary to the activities mentioned in paragraphs (a) and (b).

Pastoral purposes framework

The Pastoral purposes framework has been developed to provide a guide to pastoralists wishing to carry out particular activities on pastoral land in Western Australia.


There may be occasions where a pastoral leaseholder explores subleasing part of their lease area(s) to a third party. The subleasing of all or part of a lease requires the written approval of the Minister for Lands (or their delegate). The subleasing of only a part of a lease also requires the written permission of the Pastoral Lands Board. 


The purchase of a pastoral lease does not transfer title to the land over which the pastoral lease extends. The lease, and hence the rights accorded by the lease, may be transferred only with the consent of the Minister for Lands, however the underlying land remains Crown land. 


For more information on Mortgages, please contact the Pastoral Approvals Team at the department to discuss your situation.

Pastoral lessee contact information form

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