Region scheme certificates

Details of ways to obtain region scheme certificates under clause 42 of the MRS, clause 47 of the PRS and clause 53 of the GBRS.

Electronic processing of region scheme certificates

You can obtain planning information regarding the Region Scheme zonings and reservations of your property through region scheme certificates (clause 42 (Metropolitan Region), clause 47 (Peel Region) or clause 53 (Greater Bunbury Region).

You can apply for a region scheme certificate electronically by registering at the  “MyLandgate” and Conveyancing channel.

Register for MyLandgate

Once you are a registered user, or if you are already a subscriber, you can email a request to access the Conveyancing channel option where you can apply for your region scheme certificate.

More information about Conveyancing channel.

Manual processing of region scheme certificates

You are required to complete an application form, (see links below) and supply a photocopy of the Certificate of Title and Strata Plan (if applicable). Each certificate costs AUD$27.

Metropolitan Region

Peel Region

Greater Bunbury Region

Important note:  you are encouraged to request a region scheme certificate electronically via Landgate as manual processing will take longer.

Page last reviewed 1 April 2019
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