Western Australia Tomorrow population forecasts

Medium and long term population and household forecasts.

WA Tomorrow Population Report No. 11 contains the latest population forecasts by age and sex, for Western Australia and its regions.  They represent the official WA State Government forecasts to 2031.  These forecasts supersede WA Tomorrow Population Report No. 10 (2015). 

WA Tomorrow is a series of population forecasts based on demographic trends.  The forecasts represent the best estimate of future population size if trends in fertility, mortality and migration continue. The forecasts refer to the 30 June in each stated year.

The WA Tomorrow trend forecasts are distinct from government strategies, frameworks and scenarios such as Perth and Peel @ 3.5 million, which are generally longer term in their outlook and seek to guide future growth to deliver desired patterns of urban form.

WA Tomorrow includes a forecast range (A to E), indicating five probable futures. A and B contain the lower forecasts, C is the median forecast and D and E represent the higher forecasts.

For the user who requires the best estimate of future population size, C should be used.  

Please note: See Excel spreadsheets for more details.

Archived population projections

Population Report No. 10 - Medium-term Forecasts for Western Australia 2014-2026 and Sub-regions 2016-2026Population Report No. 9 - Long Term Population Forecasts for Western Australia, 2031 to 2061Household forecasts - Western Australia Tomorrow, Population Report No. 8, 2006-2026, July 2012

Household projections are useful for understanding future housing needs and associated service provision. These projections are based on the Western Australia Tomorrow population forecasts and as such, include a level of uncertainty.

Forecasts are provided for family and group household size, by local government authority. Forecasts also include the number of people in lone person households and non-private dwellings.

Household forecasts for all local government areas in Western Australia

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