Land and employment surveys

These surveys are conducted in relation to land owners intentions, planning for land use and ancillary dwellings.

Developers' intentions survey

The department undertakes the Developers' intentions survey on behalf of the Western Australian Planning Commission as part of the Urban development program (UDP). The UDP monitors urban land supply and demand and coordinates the actions required of state and local government agencies for the efficient planning and provision of physical and social infrastructure for new development.

The Developers' Intentions Survey encompasses future development of residential, industrial, commercial and other urban land across the State.

Details from the survey are used to:

  • identify the yield and timing/staging of future land development areas over the next 20 years
  • assess infrastructure coordination needs
  • determine major development issues and constraints in the planning and development process
  • enable the planning process to focus on the most critical factors/areas that are delaying land development and/or increasing development costs.

The state wide Developers' intentions survey 2019 is currently underway. If you would like to participate in the survey, please email

Land use and employment survey

The department conducts the Land use and employment survey to gain a greater understanding of the land use and employment dynamics across the Perth metropolitan and Peel region and selected regional centres. The survey is of all commercial, industrial, public purpose and recreation/open space land uses. Key information relating to land use and employment is collected including:

  • the type of activities businesses conduct
  • how much floor space the activity occupies
  • how many people work in each activity.

The Land use and employment survey is undertaken approximately every five years to assist land use planning that will help guide where people will live and work in the future.

The responses help planners establish what needs to be delivered to accommodate future growth and development.

Land use and employment survey table data

Each region is available for download.

Please note that the spatial boundaries of the Land Use and Employment Survey complexes can be viewed on PlanWA.

Contact us if you would like more information on the Land Use and Employment Survey.

Ancillary dwellings survey

The Ancillary dwellings survey collects development and building approvals data related to ancillary dwelling development in the Perth, Peel and Greater Bunbury regions. Local governments across Perth, Peel and Greater Bunbury are asked to provide the number of ancillary dwelling units for which development applications were approved, as well as the number of building permits issued for ancillary dwellings.

The department undertook the Ancillary dwellings survey in late 2016 with the purpose of evaluating the impacts of the 2013 amendments to State Planning Policy 3.1 Residential Design Codes related to ancillary dwellings. 

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