Heritage grants program

The Heritage Council's grants program assists with the conservation of State registered places.

About the program

The annual heritage grants program offers assistance to private owners of State registered heritage places to undertake urgent conservation works, or develop conservation management plans or strategies. Grants of up to $100,000 are available through an annual competitive grant round.


Property eligibility

Only places included in the State's Register of Heritage Places and those that have been accepted for assessment are eligible. For places that have been accepted for assessment but are yet to be registered, the place must have been under assessment for five years or more. Places under assessment are currently restricted to applying for conservation management plans only.

To check the status of your property, visit inHerit or contact us. When searching inHerit, ensure you check the "Limit my search to the State Register" box to avoid generating ineligible listings.

Applicant eligibility

All private owners and corporations can apply except:

  • property owners who have held the Title three years or less *
  • Commonwealth, State and local government agencies
  • heritage grant recipients who are yet to complete works funded in previous years
  • not-for-profit organisations that are eligible for Lotterywest funding **.

* Applications from new owners may be considered in special circumstances. Please contact us to determine if this applies to you.

** A grant application may be considered where a not-for-profit organisation demonstrates a conscientious objection to funding from Lotterywest or does not meet Lotterywest's funding criteria. Please contact us to discuss.

Project eligibility

Heritage grants are offered for projects that:

  • seek to stabilise built structures, conserve significant features, restore deteriorated building elements such as roofing, flooring or joinery, or those that take measures to slow, prevent or correct damage to a place 
  • demonstrate planning for the future by commissioning conservation management plans or strategies. A maximum grant of $20,000 applies to documentation projects. 

Ineligible projects

  • new additions (free-standing or attached to existing structures), new construction or repairs to structures that are not of heritage significance
  • demolition or removal of significant fabric without like-for-like replacement or without due cause
  • purchase of land or buildings, relocation of buildings or works to buildings relocated after the date of registration
  • tasks that have taken place or substantially commenced prior to grant award
  • insurance-related claims, including works that may be or have been claimed under an insurance policy, or reimbursement of insurance excess
  • general heritage maintenance (not heritage specific, for example general cleaning, pruning)
  • projects already underway or completed (no retrospective funding)
  • works that are the subject of an order imposed by local government, or required under a Heritage Agreement
  • educational or promotional activities, including interpretation
  • administrative costs of the applicant.

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