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An individual who has made a significant contribution to heritage and has demonstrated best practice standards through their employment in the heritage industry.

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Ian Maitland OAM, Retired Civil, Structural and Heritage Engineer

Category Winner

Ian Maitland OAM retired in 2017, after a 54-year career as a Civil, Structural and Heritage Engineer. During his career and in retirement he has worked tirelessly to promote and advocate for heritage and in particular engineering heritage. Ian’s career stands out due to the vast number and range of commissions he has undertaken, including over 200 heritage projects across WA. Places he has worked on include St George’s Cathedral, Trinity Church Perth, the heritage balconies of the State Buildings and Raine Square redevelopment. Ian is passionate about passing his knowledge on through mentoring emerging engineers, architects and builders.

Ian Maitland was also awarded the Judges’ Award – the Professor David Dolan Award for his outstanding contribution to heritage.

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