Professional contribution

An individual who has made a significant contribution to heritage and has demonstrated best practice standards through their employment in the heritage industry.

Winner: Malcolm Traill

Malcolm Traill is a prominent figure in the promotion and awareness of history and heritage in the Great Southern region. Malcolm works tirelessly, under many hats, to increase the community's knowledge of both Aboriginal and European stories in the region.

Malcolm retires from his current role as Programs Officer at the Museum of the Great Southern on the 2 July 2020. This will see the end of a varied 26-year-long career in the heritage and history sector. However, Malcolm will remain a valuable local resource as he continues to deliver heritage tours and curatorial talks in a voluntary capacity.

Commendation: Ingrid Cumming

Ingrid Cumming is a Whadjuk yorga from Fremantle, Western Australia. Ingrid continues to build upon her family’s heritage of Noongar language and knowledge carriers. As a young woman, Ingrid stepped forward to learn this ancient knowledge, combining it with the new digital technology to continue the traditional sharing of knowledge with future generations.

Ingrid played a key role in setting up and maintaining Noongarpedia, a Noongar language, culture, heritage, and knowledge encyclopaedia based on the Wikipedia platform. Noongarpedia has enabled young people to embrace knowledge as a means of breaking down barriers, enabling  ancient Noongar knowledge to become a heritage tool locally and globally.

Page last reviewed 15 July 2020
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