Wanju District Structure Plan (draft)

The draft Wanju District Structure Plan (DSP) has been released for public comment.

The draft Wanju District Structure Plan (DSP) has been released for public comment. 

The draft plan sets out key planning aspirations, objectives and principles for Wanju

The proposed new community of Wanju, east of Eaton and Millbridge, is a significant greenfield development planned for Greater Bunbury over the next few decades.

Wanju will be an innovative form of development - an urban, mixed-use and relatively high-density environment with a strong sense of being a distinct place in its own right.

Public comment closed Wednesday 13 July.

Background reports

Background to Wanju

Initial plans for Wanju emerged from the Greater Bunbury Strategy 2013.

In July 2015, following a public naming competition, the Shire of Dardanup chose ‘Wanju’ for the urban expansion area, which means ‘welcome’ in the local Noongar language.

 Wanju’s significant features
Total area1245 ha
 Estimated number of dwellings    20,000
 Estimated number of high schools    3 public, 2 private
 Estimated number of primary schools    9 public, 2 private
 Estimated town centre floorspace70,000 m2 retail
70,000 m2 commercial
Estimated local centres’ floorspace42,000 m2 retail floorspace
42,000 m2 commercial floorspace
 Potential number of local jobs4000 jobs
Areas identified as public open space300 ha

For more information see also Shire of Dardanup website.

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