Natural resource management projects

Studies and projects funded by the State Natural Resource Management (NRM).

The Western Australian Planning Commission through Strategic Priority Grants from the State Natural Resource Management (NRM) office delivered the project Protection of Priority Natural Resources in Strategic Regional Land Use Plans which aimed to improve the protection and enhancement of natural resource areas through the preparation of NRM information. This project funded a number of studies and reports for the Mid West region, including:

Geraldton regional flora and vegetation survey

The Geraldton Regional Flora and Vegetation Survey (GRFVS) aims to provide a regional context for land use planning and the environmental impact assessment of proposals affecting native vegetation in the Geraldton region.

The GRFVS involved desktop analysis of existing information on vegetation and soils, field survey of 81 floristic quadrats, statistical analysis of quadrat data that identified floristic groups, and further interpretation of floristic groups that determined recognisable plant communities.

The GRFVS report provides information on vegetation types, mapped and described at the regional scale as Beard vegetation associations, and at the local scale as GRFVS plant communities.

Each of the 17 plant communities identified through the GRFVS is discussed in terms of its extent, rarity, representation, diversity, vegetation condition, and relationship to Beard vegetation associations, to assist in determining conservation significance.

Maps and datasets produced through the GRFVS are available, please contact the department.

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