Licences to use Crown land

A licence allows a person or organisation the right to use a specified portion of Crown land for a specific purpose and period.

A licence may be granted for an unmanaged reserve or Crown land under certain circumstances by the Minister for Lands under the Land Administration Act.

A licence does not grant an exclusive right to the land and members of the public cannot be excluded from licensed Crown land. In some circumstances public access may be restricted in the interests of public safety.

To apply for a licence, you will need to complete the Crown land enquiry form.

Please note - If the proposed event or activity is on Crown land that is owned or in the care, control or management of a number of land owners, bodies or authorities, then you may need a separate licence or approval from each land owner, body or authority. 

Licences for the purpose of events and other activities on Crown land

Tips for submitting licence enquiries

Please submit your application at least three months prior to date(s) on which the event or activity is to take place.

Provide as much information as possible to ensure timely processing of your application.

Please obtain and provide all documents (including approvals, permits and licences) that may help in the assessment of your application.

Important information

  • Submitting an application does not in itself grant the right to access Crown land, and the department reserves the right to decline any application. 
  • The application is solely seeking the grant of short term access to Crown land for which the department is responsible. 
  • It is your responsibility to consult with all other relevant agencies, bodies, authorities and adjoining land owners as to their requirements for the event or proposed activity, and to obtain all other licences, permits and approvals required by that owner, agency, body or authority in order to hold the event or undertake the proposed activity.
  • Event organisers should be aware that the department will require the event organiser to take out a public liability insurance policy and that such insurance shall include the interests of the State of Western Australia.
  • The department requires that adequate levels of planning, liaison and co-ordination for events are in place and documented. This includes emergency plans, as well as risk management and response procedures. In developing these procedures and arrangements the event organiser will need to liaise with all relevant authorities and agencies such as Tourism Western Australia, the local government, and any local emergency management committees.
  • Licences granted by the department require the payment of a fee. The fee will vary depending on the extent of the department's involvement in the assessment, review, documentation and inspection of the site.
  • The department will consider the impact on native title rights and interests.

If you have any questions or need help with your application, the application form or the process, please contact the department and ask for the Land Use Management Team responsible for the area within which your proposed event or activity is to take place (refer to the regions on the map).

For additional information regarding event approvals, support or advice, please visit the Tourism Western Australia website

Page last reviewed 24 November 2018
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