Section 17

Section 17 of the Act outlines offences relating to Aboriginal sites.

Destruction damage or alteration (impact) to an Aboriginal site without the prior consent of the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs (Minister) is an offence under section 17 of the Act.

Section 17 of the Act outlines offences relating to Aboriginal sites.

A person who -

(a) excavates, destroys, damages, conceals or in any way alters any Aboriginal site; or
(b) in any way alters, damages, removes, destroys, conceals, or who deals with in a manner not sanctioned by relevant custom, or assumes the possession, custody or control of, any object    on or under an Aboriginal site;

commits an offence unless he is acting with the authorisation of the Registrar under Section 16 or the consent of the Minister under Section 18.

Page last reviewed 22 November 2018
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