Aboriginal heritage surveys

If you are considering undertaking an Aboriginal heritage survey, it is recommended that you first contact the department to discuss your circumstances

When to submit an Aboriginal heritage survey

There is no requirement that an Aboriginal heritage survey be included with a:

  • Section 18 Notice submitted under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972
  • Heritage Information Submission Form when submitting information in relation to a potential Aboriginal site under section 5 of the Act.

All information required for decision-making in relation to Aboriginal site assessment or granting Section 18 consent must be included on the aforementioned forms. If a decision is made to submit a survey report as an attachment to one of these forms, at no place on the form should it state 'refer to attached report' or similar.

The department will usually make reports that have been submitted available to other people on request. The benefit of submitting a report is that it may assist others with their research.

Other resources

link to the Government Standard Heritage Agreement 

Page last reviewed 30 November 2018
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