Government Sewerage Policy (2019)

The Government Sewerage Policy (2019) sets the State Government’s position on how sewerage services are to be provided in Western Australia through the planning and development of land.

The policy guides future strategic planning, subdivision and development for the provision of sewage disposal in Western Australia.

The policy promotes reticulated sewerage as the best disposal method for sewage. It requires all new subdivision and development to be connected to reticulated sewerage where available or considered necessary on health, environment or planning grounds. 

Where reticulated sewerage cannot be provided, the policy provides detailed site requirements for on-site sewage treatment and disposal.

The policy will replace the Government Sewerage Policy – Perth Metropolitan Region (1996) and Draft Country Sewerage Policy (2002, amended 2003) when operational on 23 September 2019.


The location of Public Drinking Water Sources areas is available for viewing at the Department of Water’s Geographic Data Atlas

Guidance for Site and Soil evaluations for on-site sewage disposal can be found on the Department of Health website.  

If you require additional information, please contact or phone 6551 8002.

Page last reviewed 5 March 2020
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