Draft State Planning Policy 4.1 - Industrial interface

The Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) has sought comment on proposed changes to State Planning Policy 4.1: State Industrial Buffer (SPP4.1), which has been renamed SPP 4.1: Industrial Interface.

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SPP4.1 guides planning decisions with the aim of protecting the long-term future operation of industry and infrastructure facilities, by avoiding encroachment from sensitive land uses and potential land use conflicts.

Some of the changes to the policy include:

  • a change of name to reflect the broader policy measures that extend beyond the application of statutory buffers
  • clarification that the policy now applies more broadly to planning for industrial zones and infrastructure reserves
  • new policy measures for planning for transitional zones in local schemes to address incompatibility between industry and sensitive land uses
  • a new implementation section which outlines recommended planning approaches at each stage of the planning framework.

The draft policy is available for download above.

Submissions closed at 5pm, Wednesday 21 February 2018.

Page last reviewed 15 November 2018
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