Design WA

Design WA is a State Government initiative to ensure good design is at the centre of all development in Western Australia.

Design WA aims to create a built environment that reflects the distinctive characteristics of a local area, that enhances streetscapes and neighbourhoods and that contributes to the development of vibrant and liveable communities.

Design WA Stage 1

The draft Design WA Stage 1 has been considered by the Western Australian Planning Commission and will be forwarded to the Minister for Planning for determination.

Stage 1 includes:

State Planning Policy 7.0: Design of the Built Environment: the lead policy that elevates the importance of design quality across the whole built environment. It includes 10 principles for good design and establishes the framework for integrating design review as a part of the evaluation process.

Design Review Guide: this works with SPP7.0 to assist local governments with the establishment and operation of design review panels, and will support consistency in the design review processes already in operation across the State.  It also provides a framework for the operation of the State Design Review Panel.

Updates to the R Codes

The existing SPP3.1 Residential Design Codes becomes State Planning Policy 7.3 ‘R-Codes Volume 1’ retaining all content with the exception of Part 6;

New State Planning Policy 7.3: R-Codes Volume 2 (Apartments) - replaces the content of Part 6 of the R Codes and focuses on improved design outcomes for apartments (multiple dwellings).

It is anticipated that the final documents will be phased in to enable stakeholders to become familiar with the new State Planning Policies. Work on Design WA Stage 2, focussing on precinct design and medium density is already underway.

Stage 1 draft documents

What to look for when choosing a well-designed house or apartmentis a complementary guide to help WA house hunters and renters choose a home that is liveable and has good design elements. It offers expert advice on what questions to ask when purchasing or renting a house or apartment.

Read the guide

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