AHA Review Consultation Phase Two - Discussion Paper

In March 2019, the Minister released a Discussion Paper to modernise Aboriginal heritage legislation, to make it more culturally appropriate and equitable for Aboriginal people, and more efficient for industry.

The Discussion Paper sets out proposals for a new system to recognise, protect, manage and celebrate the places and objects that are important to Aboriginal culture. It also provides an efficient land use proposal framework through which other land users can engage.

The proposals were developed in response to the feedback received from the first round of consultation and in consideration of relevant legislation in other states and territories. They include:

  • changing how heritage is defined to better reflect a living culture that is central to the wellbeing of Aboriginal people 
  • a streamlined approvals pathway for land use proposals that avoid or minimise impact on Aboriginal heritage. In cases where a land use proposal will significantly impact an Aboriginal heritage place, a transparent decision-making process will balance the benefits of what is proposed against the loss of that heritage
  • establishing Local Aboriginal Heritage Services and an Aboriginal Heritage Council to actively engage Traditional Owners and Knowledge Holders in decision-making for heritage places with which they have a connection.

Have your say

The Minister is keen to hear from all stakeholders with an interest in Aboriginal heritage about their views on the proposals in the Discussion Paper.

Stakeholders are encouraged to respond to the questions in the Consultation Paper, which summarises the proposals in the Discussion Paper and the outcomes they are designed to achieve. If you do not agree with a proposal, it is important to explain why you think it won’t work and what you would propose instead.

All feedback will be used to prepare a Green Bill for the proposed new legislation, which will be advertised for comment.

Online Feedback form 

Written submissions can be made by post to:

Assistant Director General, Heritage Services
Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage
Locked bag 2506 Perth WA 6001

Submissions can also be made via email to AHAreview@dplh.wa.gov.au.

For enquiries call (08) 6551 8002. 

All submissions must be received by 31 May 2019. As with the first Phase of the Consultation Process, all feedback will be published on the department’s website.

Other consultation support

Information sessions

Information sessions to introduce the Discussion Paper proposals will be held for Aboriginal people in regional centres, early in the consultation process.

Local community meetings

Local community meetings to encourage discussion and feedback on the proposals are intended to be held in the same locations as the 2018 My Heritage, My Voice workshops.

To encourage maximum participation, culturally appropriate local community meetings will be confirmed with the help of the communities. Dates, times and venues for these will be advised online and through local communication sources at that time. Independent facilitators can be provided at the request of the community.

Throughout the consultation period, the department will engage with non-Aboriginal stakeholders and peak bodies through a series of discussions and events. 

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