Resolutions and instruments of delegation

The Planning and Development Act 2005 (section 16) provides for the delegation of the functions of the WAPC.

Delegations are made by resolution to a member, committee, officer of the WAPC, public authority or a local government. The delegation takes effect when the notice of resolution is published in the Government Gazette.

Extracts with gazettal dates:

Power of Delegation - to appoint nominated proxies to planning committees13/07/2007
DEL 2008/08Powers of officers (Whiteman Park)19/12/2008
DEL 2008/09Powers of Commissioner of Main Roads19/12/2008
DEL 2008/10Powers of officers
(Department of Environment and Conservation)
DEL 2008/12Powers of local governments (PRS)19/12/2008
- amendment 30 June 2009 amended 30/6/2009
- amendment 3 November 2017 amended 3/11/2017
DEL 2008/14Powers of local governments
(Ningaloo Coast RIDO 2007)
DEL 2009/02Powers of officers
(Department of Treasury and Finance)
- amendment 6 May 2014 amended 6/05/2014 
- amendment 8 June 2018 amended 8/06/2018 
DEL 2009/03Powers of local governments
(Strata Titles Act)
DEL 2011/01Powers of Local Governments (Hope Valley-Wattleup Redevelopment Act 2000 and Master Plan)25/01/11
DEL 2011/04Powers of Officers (Swan River Trust)23/12/2011
RES 2015/01Resolution under Clause 32 of the MRS12/06/2015
RES 2014/02Resolution under Clause 21 of the PRS09/05/2014
- amendment 3 November 20173/11/2017
RES 2014/03Resolution under Clause 27 of the GBRS09/05/2014
- amendment 22 August 201722/08/2017
DEL 2014/01Delegation Powers of Local Governments (GBRS)09/05/2014
- amendment 22 August 201722/08/2017
DEL 2017/01Powers of Committees21/02/2017
-amendment 6 April 201806/04/2018
DEL 2017/02Powers of Local Governments and DoT (MRS)
SP 693
SP 694
Correction notice 2 June 201702/06/2017
-amendment 18 December 201818/12/2018
DEL 2017/03DEL 2017/03 Powers of Officers (Housing Authority)30/06/2017
DEL 2018/01Delegation to Officers of certain powers and functions of the WAPC03/10/2018
-amendment 18 December 201818/12/18
Emergency COVID-19 Delegations    24/03/2020
Authorisation Instrument from the WAPC22/05/2012
AUTH 2016/01Authorisation Instrument from the Minister of Lands02/06/2016
AUTH 2016/2Authorisation Instrument from the Minister for Lands (to local government CEO’s)02/06/2016
Ministerial Delegation to approve certain Basic Scheme Amendments
(Extra conditions described on Ministerial BN 6320)
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