Aboriginal jobs, training and tourism in new Broome development

Aboriginal jobs, training and tourism in new Broome development
Wednesday 19 February 2020

Lands Minister Ben Wyatt today announced three shortlisted proponents have been selected to potentially share in a unique development opportunity of the former Waterbank Station.

Local Aboriginal corporation Mibala Burru, Greenvale Enterprises and the leaseholders of Kilto Station each submitted a concept that diversifies the local economy, presents great benefits and opportunities for the community as well as delivering new services to the Kimberley region.

Through development of a multipurpose agricultural business, Mibala Burru propose to provide cultural education and training for Aboriginal people, develop Aboriginal businesses and contribute to the diversification of agricultural opportunities in the area through the production of bush foods, apiculture and hemp.

Western Australian developer, Greenvale Enterprises Pty Ltd propose to deliver sustainable tourism and economic opportunities for local Aboriginal people through development of an integrated tourism, cultural and leisure facility featuring eco-friendly accommodation, events, education programs and guided tours.

Adjacent leaseholders Jack and Vicki Burton have also expressed an interest in part of the land, to be amalgamated with their existing Kilto Station for the expansion of their pastoral business, that will lead to new local training and employment opportunities.

The shortlisted proponents will now work with the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage to further refine their proposed venture and - in consultation with relevant local stakeholders and interest groups - determine how these proposals can potentially make the best use of more than 75,000 hectares of unallocated Crown land. 

Read the media statement.

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