What we do

The Office of the Government Architect (OGA) provides leadership and independent strategic advice to government to improve the design of public buildings and spaces and enhance the quality of the built environment.

This is a ‘whole of government’ role and where requested, the Government Architect provides advice to the highest levels of government. Improving the quality of the built environment supports government to deliver on its broader social, environmental, economic and cultural policy objectives.

What we do

Led by the Government Architect, the OGA works with government, industry and academic stakeholders across three streams of activity:

Projects – providing strategic design advice on major public projects and leading design review processes for major public and private sector development proposals.

Policy – establishing policy and practice frameworks to improve the quality of the built environment.

Advocacy – promoting the value of good design through advice, guidance and events.

All aspects of our work are underpinned by a commitment to collaboration, research, evidence based advice and public benefit. We are proponents of the value of good design and the power of ‘design thinking’ to shape good processes and assist with built environment problem-solving at strategic stages and scales.


Page last reviewed 25 November 2018
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