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Document titleFile sizeRegionYear
36.3 MBRegional JDAP2022
46.1 MBRegional JDAP2022
51.8 MBMetro Inner-South JDAP2022
66.0 MBMetro Inner-North JDAP2022
77.7 MBMetro Outer JDAP2022
151.8 MBMetro Inner-South JDAP2022
68.4 MBMetro Outer JDAP2022
299.1 KBMetro Outer JDAP2022
24.7 MBMetro Inner-South JDAP2022
182.8 KBMetro Inner-South JDAP2022
9.2 MBMetro Inner-South JDAP2022
13.2 MBRegional JDAP2022
290.2 KBRegional JDAP2022
200.0 KBMetro Inner-South JDAP2022
91.5 MBMetro Outer JDAP2022
79.6 MBMetro Inner-North JDAP2022
291.3 KBMetro Outer JDAP2022
424.3 KBMetro Inner-North JDAP2022
46.6 MBCity of Perth LDAP2022
44.3 MBMetro Inner-North JDAP2022
302.4 KBCity of Perth LDAP2022
324.0 KBMetro Inner-North JDAP2022
57.8 MBRegional JDAP2022
325.5 KBRegional JDAP2022
58.6 MBMetro Inner-North JDAP2022

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