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Search to access the past four years' DAPs agendas and minutes. Archived agendas and minutes are available via the request form below.

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Document titleFile sizeRegionYear
21.2 MBMetro South-West JDAP2019
102.5 MBMetro West JDAP2019
117.8 MBMetro Central JDAP2019
46.1 MBMetro Central JDAP2019
14.4 MBKimberley Pilbara Gascoyne JDAP2019
33.8 MBCity of Perth LDAP2019
14.4 MBMid-West Wheatbelt JDAP2019
89.8 MBMetro West JDAP2019
134.3 MBMetro Central JDAP2019
24.8 MBMetro East JDAP2019
44.1 MBMetro South-West JDAP2019
72.5 MBMetro West JDAP2019
12.4 MBMetro North-West JDAP2019
43.5 MBSouthern JDAP2019
32.0 MBMetro South-West JDAP2019
91.7 MBMetro East JDAP2019
216.6 KBMetro East JDAP2019
148.7 KBMetro South-West JDAP2019
23.7 MBMetro Central JDAP2019
186.1 KBMetro Central JDAP2019
36.3 MBCity of Perth LDAP2019
139.6 KBCity of Perth LDAP2019
72.6 MBMetro Central JDAP2019
274.5 KBMetro Central JDAP2019
46.9 MBMetro West JDAP2019

If you're looking for a document dated 4+ years ago, you can request this via our DAPs document request form.

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