State Planning Policy 5.1 - Land use planning in the vicinity of Perth Airport

This policy applies to land in the vicinity of Perth Airport which is, or may in the future, be affected by aircraft noise

The objectives of SPP 5.1 are to:

  • protect Perth Airport from unreasonable encroachment by incompatible (noise sensitive) development, to provide for its ongoing development and operation
  • minimise the impact of airport operations on existing and future communities with reference to aircraft noise.

SPP 5.1 is predicated on the Australian Noise Exposure Forecast (ANEF), which was prepared by Perth Airport Pty Ltd in consultation with Airservices Australia. The ANEF is referenced in this policy, which ensures all future revisions of the ANEF are incorporated into the policy automatically and concurrently.  

Policy measures within SPP 5.1 apply to land within the 20 ANEF noise contour, and have been based on Table 2.1 from Australian Standards 2021-2000: Acoustics - Aircraft noise intrusion - Building siting and construction.

SPP 5.1 was gazetted in the Government Gazette dated 9 July 2015, which can be found on the State Law Publisher website.

A copy of the endorsed ANEF can be found on the Perth Airport website. The department will inform the public of any future reviews of the ANEF via this web page.

To make an aircraft noise complaint please contact Airservices Australian via the Air Services Australia website.

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