Claremont Showground draft Management Plan

The Royal Agricultural Society has submitted a draft Management Plan for the Claremont Showground to the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) for its consideration.

The draft Claremont Showground Management Plan (the draft plan) aims to support the continuation and enhancement of existing activities, guide the long-term development vision and provide a management and approval framework for the Claremont Showground.

The Metropolitan Region Scheme (MRS) provides permitted development rights for works on land reserved Parks and Recreation that is owned or vested in a public authority and where such works are in accordance with a Management Plan endorsed by the WAPC. The draft plan is intended to provide for such permitted development rights.


Comments on the proposal may be submitted online or in writing to the WAPC on or before 5pm, 11 March 2019.

Page last reviewed 1 February 2019
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