Noongar heritage and history

At the heart of the South West Native Title Settlement is an acknowledgment and honouring of the Noongar people as the traditional owners of the south west.

The Noongar (Koorah, Nitja, Boordahwan) (Past, Present and Future) Recognition Act 2016 recognises:

"The living cultural, spiritual, familial and social relationship that the Noongar people have with the Noongar lands, and the significant and unique contribution that the Noongar people have made, are making, and will continue to make, to the heritage, cultural identity, community and economy of the State”. 

Noongar heritage, lore, economies and culture are irrevocably linked to the Noongar Boodja (the Noongar lands). Noongar peoples’ connection to the land and the desire to improve access and protect places of significance post European settlement were key elements in the negotiation of the Settlement. The Noongar history summary and Kaartijin Noongar website provide background information on the effects of colonisation and the endurance of the Noongar people.

The Noongar Heritage Partnership Agreement explains the new relationship being forged with the Noongar people and the department to preserve Noongar heritage. This agreement is separate to the Noongar Standard Heritage Agreement which relates to planned land use within the Settlement Area.

Page last reviewed 26 March 2019
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