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Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the Action Plan for Planning Reform.

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What is the Action Plan for Planning Reform?

The Action Plan outlines the State Government’s vision and agenda for the reform of the Western Australian planning system.

The Action Plan provides three overarching goals for the planning system:

  • Planning creates great places for people
  • Planning is easier to understand and navigate
  • Planning systems are consistent and efficient.

19 reform initiatives have been identified to achieve the reform goals.

Why do we need planning reform?

While the WA planning system has supported Perth’s development as a highly liveable city and contributed to the growth of strong regional communities and economies, it has become increasingly more complex, legalistic and unable to respond quickly to changing needs and expectations. 

The Action Plan seeks to address these issues and to ensure that the planning system is sufficiently well equipped and placed to respond to the challenges of the next phase of the State’s growth.

The Action Plan also responds to stakeholders calls for the planning system to be more open and collaborative, with a greater focus on outcomes rather than processes. 

What are the key benefits of planning reform?

Key benefits of the planning reform will include:

  • planning tools and processes being fit-for-purpose to respond to the challenges of the next phase of WA’s growth
  • a planning system that is easier to understand and enable the community to be more engaged in strategic planning
  • new ways of working that reduce unnecessary red-tape, increase cooperation and create more consistency and efficiency in how the planning system operates.
What is the program timeline and when will we see changes?

Visit the Action Plan implementation page for information regarding timeframes and progress on the implementation of the Action Plan. 

How will stakeholders be involved?

In implementing the Action Plan for Planning Reform, the Reform Delivery Team will be engaging with a wide range of stakeholders, including:

  • Local government
  • Industry
  • Home and business owners
  • State government agencies
  • Community and interest groups.

The Action Plan’s delivery model is informed by the principles of co-design and design thinking and will involve collaboration with other State Government agencies, local government, the private sector and the community to shape and review the detail of many of the reform initiatives.

The Reform Delivery Team will be convening Initiative Working Groups and Stakeholder Reference Groups to generate, test and evaluate ideas and provide input and feedback at key milestones. 

A community testing group will be formed, to test and gain feedback on reform initiatives which affect community interests and involvement in the planning system, for example, reform initiatives to make the planning system easier to understand. 

A stakeholder register has also been established of other interested planning stakeholders, users of the planning system and community members. The Reform Delivery Team will use this register on an as-needs basis to obtain feedback on reform matters and keep stakeholders updated regarding progress.

Subscribe to receive updates and to join the stakeholder register.

If you made a submission on the Green Paper, you do not need to re-register your interest. The Reform Delivery Team has your details and you (or your organisation) are automatically included on the stakeholder register (including the Community Testing Group).

Work produced as part of the planning reform program will also be subject to normal consultation arrangements, providing another opportunity for interested stakeholders to provide feedback on implementation of the reform initiatives.

Does the release of the Action Plan affect my current planning application/proposal?

No. There are no immediate changes to the planning system arising from release of the Action Plan. Planning proposals will continue to be progressed in accordance with current legislative requirements. 

How will changes to the planning system take place?

As the detail of the reform initiatives is prepared, new practices and requirements will be progressively implemented, and the need for and nature of transitional measures will be considered. Where necessary and appropriate, transitional measures will be communicated to affected stakeholders and supporting documentation and training will be provided.

Who can I contact for more information?

For more information, email the Reform Delivery Team at planningreform@dplh.wa.gov.au or call (08) 6551 8002.

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