Delivery model and stakeholder register

The Department is adopting a collaborative delivery model, which will enable key stakeholders and the community to shape and review the detail of many of the reforms.

The Department is adopting a collaborative delivery model, informed by the principle of co-design and design thinking, which will enable key stakeholders, including local government, private sector, the community and other State agencies, to shape and review the detail of many of the reform initiatives.

Stakeholder reference and initiative working groups

The Reform Delivery Team, in liaison with industry bodies and local government and professional organisations, will convene Stakeholder Reference Groups and Initiative Working Groups to generate, test and evaluate ideas and provide input and feedback at key milestones.

The Initiative Working Groups will discuss and develop the detail for a number of the various reform initiatives in focussed, multi-sector groups made up of a small number of individuals with a diverse range of experience and expertise.

The Stakeholder Reference Groups will test ideas and validate proposals prepared by the Initiative Working Groups and will provide advice and guidance on issues and sectoral interests.

Community testing group and stakeholder register

A Stakeholder Register has been established for other stakeholders, users of the planning system and community members. The Reform Delivery Team will use this register on an as-needs basis to obtain feedback on reform matters and keep stakeholders updated regarding progress.

From this register, a community testing group will be formed, to test and gain feedback on reform initiatives where there is a high degree of interaction with the community (for example, reform initiatives centred around making the planning system easier to understand). 

Stakeholder registerations have now closed. 


Page last reviewed 9 January 2020
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