East of Kwinana and Pinjarra-Ravenswood sectors

Considerations for the East of Kwinana and Pinjarra-Ravenswood sectors Planning Investigation Area

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Key considerations of the East of Kwinana and Pinjarra-Ravenswood sectors Planning Investigation Area include, but are not
limited to:

  • Employment – access to employment opportunities (and identification of land for employment generating activities).
  • Passenger rail – access to, timing of and implications for passenger rail services and travel times.
  • Road networks – function, capacity and/or cost of existing and proposed networks.
  • Environmental considerations – implications of/for significant on-ground environmental attributes and Peel-Harvey catchment considerations.
  • Sand fill – including volume, source and comparison of one-off and recurring transport requirements.
  • Inundation/flood management – implications of the need to manage water.
  • Basic raw materials – implications of on-site resources.
  • Dwellings/population – consider overall capacity in the context of accommodating 3.5 million people in Perth and Peel.
  • Critical mass/urban form – any need to achieve a critical mass/ threshold of population (e.g. for the provision of key facilities, services and/or employment opportunities) and the ability to create an integrated and efficient urban form.
  • Mosquitoes – nuisance and health considerations.
  • Social and community infrastructure – implications for existing and/or possible requirements for additional key social and community infrastructure.
  • Movement and access – relationship with, and identification of, road and public transport networks.
  • Environment and landscape – identify any requirements for additional open space (nature/passive recreation).
  • Service Infrastructure – any implications of/for key service infrastructure networks, including drainage networks.
  • Staging – any implications of, or solutions provided by, staging.
  • Future planning options – consider any need to retain post-2050 planning options.
  • Built form – consider alternate built form opportunities to minimise fill requirements. 


  • A Strategic Drainage Assessment incorporating drainage modelling continues to be progressed by the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation.
  • Transport scenario modelling and consideration of regional road and transport has been completed and the implications continue to be considered in consultation with Main Roads Western Australia.
  • Employment modelling for this area continues to be progressed.
  • A land use for this PIA will be finalised as part of the 2021 review of the South Metropolitan Peel Sub-regional Planning Framework.
Page last reviewed 17 March 2021
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