Planning for the East Wanneroo area

The Department is preparing a draft District Structure Plan (DSP) to guide the long-term development of the East Wanneroo area.

The DSP will give effect to the strategic land use direction established in the North-west Sub-regional Planning Framework published by the State Government in March 2018.

The draft DSP is a high-level, strategic document that will provide guidance on future land uses, coordination of major infrastructure, activity centres, regional open space distribution and the protection of environmental assets. It identifies the obligations to be addressed by subsequent planning stages and provides the basis for the subsequent preparation of local structure plans.

The document is being prepared in close consultation with the City of Wanneroo as well as relevant government agencies and servicing authorities. The draft DSP and associated background studies will be released in mid-September 2019 for 3 months’ public consultation. Further details of the consultation process will posted on this page.

For more information, please contact the East Wanneroo project team.

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