Planning Bulletin 83 - Planning for tourism

This bulletin sets out the policy position of the WAPC on tourism development within the State and will guide decision-making by the WAPC and local government on subdivision, development and scheme amendment proposals for tourism purposes.

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This planning bulletin was substantially revised and released on 19 July 2011 with a ministerial commitment to monitor and review in 12 months’ time. This review is now complete, and the bulletin updated with minor amendments.

This policy position provides a more strategic and flexible approach to tourism planning to encourage and support investment in the industry.

The policy position:

  • provides for a strategic focus of broader planning concepts such as locations and precincts to replace the existing “strategic” and “non-strategic” tourism sites
  • places greater emphasis on the local planning framework in addressing regional and local tourism issues and land use planning objectives
  • highlights that local governments may set a limit to residential development as part of tourism sites within their local planning strategy or a local planning policy
  • encourages developers to consider other non-tourist development (such as commercial, retail, conference/reception centre, restaurant/café) within tourism sites, before or at the very least in conjunction with any residential component.
Page last reviewed 3 January 2019
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