Planning Bulletin 7 - Government sewerage policy

This planning bulletin is under review

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The Western Australian Government has released the draft Government Sewerage Policy 2016, which amalgamates the Government Sewerage Policy Perth Metropolitan Region and the draft country Sewerage policy into one document for public comment.

The draft Government Sewerage Policy 2016 promotes reticulated sewerage as the best disposal method for sewage. It requires all new subdivision and development to be connected to reticulated sewerage where available or considered necessary on health, environment or planning grounds.

The draft policy provides flexibility for low risk proposals such as subdivision in country towns without a reticulated sewerage scheme, or where a scheme is at capacity and unlikely to be expanded.

The final policy will guide future strategic planning, subdivision and development for the provision of sewage disposal in Western Australia.

Planning bulletin 7 is suspended until the policy is finalised.

This bulletin supersedes planning bulletin 6.

Page last reviewed 3 January 2019
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