Planning Bulletin 110 - Guidance on the processing of Built Strata title applications

This planning bulletin has been released to provide greater guidance to local government and other relevant stakeholders relating to the current operation of the WAPC’s delegation to local government for the determination of certain classes of built strata subdivision proposals.

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The planning bulletin has been prepared with assistance from the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute, Western Australian Local Government Association, Landgate and other relevant stakeholders.

The planning bulletin includes a process flowchart, use of standard conditions/templates and outlines key considerations for the processing of built strata applications to assist local government and other stakeholders to achieve application assessment and determination consistency.

An outstanding matter relates to local government delegation reporting arrangements, which is envisaged to be addressed as part of phase 2 planning reform project and the future introduction of a new electronic lodgement reporting system. Once introduced, the electronic lodgement reporting system will enable local government to easily report on built strata application determinations and facilitates data for land/housing supply forecasting and monitoring purposes.

Page last reviewed 3 January 2019
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