Future stages of Design WA

Work continues on the next stages of Design WA which focus on Precinct Planning and Medium Density development. These future stages are critical in ensuring we cohesively improve the quality of our built environment.

Design WA Stage 2 - Precinct design

Precinct Design will guide the preparation and assessment of planning proposals for areas that require a high level of planning, such as higher levels of density and infill, mixed use components and activity centre designation.

Given the predictions of Perth and Peel @ 3.5 million, effective precinct design is integral to the future of our cities and towns. The Precinct Design policy will apply to areas that require a high-level of design focus due to their complexity, whether this is due to mixed use components, higher levels of density, an activity centre designation or character and/or heritage value. The policy will require a tailored, performance-based approach to precinct design, supported by design review and a high level of community participation. The 10 Principles of Good Design outlined in State Planning Policy 7.0 will apply. 

The draft Precinct Design policy is anticipated to be released for public comment in the coming months, following ministerial consideration.

Further work on Stage 2 will also consist of a Neighbourhood Design policy (revised Liveable Neighbourhoods) and amendments to State Planning Policy 4.2 Activity Centres for Perth and Peel.

Medium density

A scoping paper has recently been completed on medium density, the so-called ‘Missing Middle’. The paper is based on information from the development industry, practitioners and local governments as well as conversations with some smaller scale developers and builders who work in this space.  

It is anticipated that this project will commence in late 2019, following WAPC endorsement.    

Page last reviewed 20 June 2019
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