AHA Review Consultation Phase One

The State Government sought feedback on the Aboriginal Heritage Act through the release of a Consultation Paper.

Consultation paper

The Consultation Paper, released in March 2018, asked for stakeholder views on the effectiveness of the Act, any gaps in the legislation, and ideas on what modernised legislation should set out to do and how it should operate in the interests of all stakeholders. 


The department held a series of culturally appropriate workshops designed for Aboriginal people. These were held across the State to enable Aboriginal people to have their say in the review.

Workshop reports

As phase one of the Aboriginal Heritage Act review is now complete, the My Heritage, My Voice and Working with Our Aboriginal Heritage workshops are finished and submissions on the Consultation Paper are no longer being accepted.

Submissions will be used to generate proposals to be considered by Cabinet then released in a Discussion Paper as part of Phase Two of the public consultation process.

The State Government is committed to a rigorous and transparent consultation process in order to deliver a new Aboriginal Heritage Act that is effective in protecting our unique Aboriginal heritage while providing a balanced solution that meets contemporary needs of the community, industry and government.

All workshops have been independently facilitated and reported.  All comments from the workshops held around the State are represented, word-for-word.

Workshop reports - Working with Our Aboriginal HeritageWorkshop reports - My Heritage, My Voice



Submissions on the consultation paper closed 1 June 2018. Please note submissions 133-136 were received after the closing date. If you are unable to access a submission, please contact us.


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