Heritage policies and guidelines

Our policies and guidelines for the identification and conservation of heritage.

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The Heritage Council has developed several policies and guidelines to give guidance to decision-makers and custodians of our heritage places. These documents provide clarity on the recognition, protection and promotion of heritage places and define how the Heritage Council works with other government organisations, business and the community.

Also included on this page are the Heritage Council’s official forms.


Heritage Council policies are overarching documents that define the Heritage Council’s position regarding certain issues or processes. Practical implementation of the policy can be found in accompanying guideline documents.


To assist with the implementation of both Heritage Council policies and the requirements of the Heritage Act 2018, a suite of guidelines have been developed to assist property owners and managers, decision-makers and the general public.

State register of heritage places development assessment framework
Gravestone restoration guidelines
An information guide to conservation management plans
An information guide to conservation management strategies
Heritage interpretation


Page last reviewed 19 October 2020
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