Liveable Neighbourhoods review

Design WA is working on Neighbourhood design, the review of Liveable Neighbourhoods.

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The next stage of Design WA is Neighbourhood Design.

It will update and revise Liveable Neighbourhoods to provide an operational policy to guide the structure planning and subdivision of greenfield sites – complementing Precinct Design. Given the predictions of Perth and Peel @ 3.5 million, neighbourhood design for liveable and sustainable communities is integral to the future of our cities and towns. The Neighbourhood Design policy will be the next evolution of the pioneering and award winning Liveable Neighbourhoods policy.

Neighbourhood Design will apply the 10 Principles of Good Design outlined in State Planning Policy 7.0 Design of the Built Environment.

The policy will require a tailored, performance-based approach to neighbourhood design, supported by design review and a high level of community and stakeholder participation.

Page last reviewed 27 November 2020
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