Lakelands Station development application

The Western Australian Planning Commission sought comment on a development application relating to the construction of the proposed Lakelands Station.

The development application will be determined by a Development Assessment Panel in accordance with the Planning and Development Act 2005 and Planning and Development (Development Assessment Panel) Regulations 2011.

Development application details

The Lakelands Station development application proposes the construction of:

  • Station entry building with pedestrian overpass connecting two marginal platforms set in an existing cutting with associated amenities including ticketing machine facilities, bicycle storage and toilets
  • A mode-separated bus interchange facility with provision for 8 bus bays
  • Car parking comprising 400 bay at-grade car bays and separate passenger drop off area; and
  • Road works to provide car park access off Ashwood Parkway and bus access from Lake Valley Drive, including modification to the existing Lake Valley Drive roundabout and Ashwood Parkway/Lake Valley Drive intersection.


Submissions closed on 08 July 2021.

Page last reviewed 23 July 2021
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