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Information about the bushfire planning reforms and who to contact.


The State Government has announced a package of reforms to help protect lives and property against the threat of bushfires throughout Western Australia.  

Reforms have been introduced setting out new requirements for people intending to develop and/or build in bushfire prone areas, including the need to assess a property’s bushfire risk and take additional construction measures to limit the impact of bushfires.

Information provided here can help you understand how these changes may affect you and any development you may be considering. 

They provide important information on the land use planning requirements if you are planning to develop in a designated bushfire prone area within Western Australia. These designated areas are identified on the map of bush fire prone areas.

A summary for local governments has been prepared.


Useful contacts

Planning Policy Framework and LPS Amendment Regulations

Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage
Bushfire Policy Team
Gordon Stephenson House, 140 William Street, Perth, Western Australia
Ph: (08) 6551 9000
Email: bushfire@planning.wa.gov.au

Site specific planning and development enquiries

Please contact your local government.

Local government directory

Accreditation and Training Framework for bushfire consultants

Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage
Bushfire Policy Team
Gordon Stephenson House
140 William Street
Perth, Western Australia
Ph: (08) 6551 9000
Email: bushfiretraining@planning.wa.gov.au

Map of Bush Fire Prone Areas

Office of Bushfire Risk Management
Ph: (08) 6551 4060
Email: OBRM@dfes.wa.gov.au

Building Regulations and application of AS 3959 building construction standards

Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety
Level 1 - Mason Bird Building
303 Sevenoaks Street
Cannington, Western Australia 6107
Ph: 1300 48 90 99
Email: BCinfo@dmirs.wa.gov.au

Or please contact your local government.

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