Mining Entry Permit or Consent to Mine application form

If your mining activity requires a Mining Entry Permit and/or ‘Consent to Mine’ due to being situated on a protected Aboriginal reserve, you must make an application to the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs.

The Application Form must be lodged by the ALT deadline for it to be considered at the next ALT meeting. Meeting dates and deadlines are published online

If the required documentation is not submitted, the application will be pending subject to the submission of required documentation.

If you have any queries on the mining entry permit process, please contact us on 1300 651 077 or +61 8 6551 8000, or via email.


If you are applying on behalf of the intended permit holder please complete this section and the Intended Permit Holder section below
Provide one paragraph outlining the request i.e. seeking a mining entry permit and/or consent to mine recommendation in relation to exploration licence. Please include details of Aboriginal Lands Trust (ALT) land and location including reserve name and number (this can be sourced from the Department).
Provide details of the organisation, its activities, and its interest in the land. Attach Site Plans (if possible). Provide details of benefits (if any) to stakeholders and the community.
Provide a summary of the organisation’s project or proposed activity in relation to the application. Provide details of natural and environmental health risks and plans to manage them (if required). Provide any plans and documents which contain additional detail to support the application.
Detail any consultation you have had with the required consultative bodies under the ALT’s Principles of consultation for mining entry permits on the ALT estate
Attach evidence of written comment regarding the application/proposal as required below.
Provide a closing statement on the proposal and request for permissions under the Aboriginal Affairs Planning Authority Act 1972 and/or Mining Act 1978.
Page last reviewed 12 November 2019
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