Interpretation project

A project that improves and enriches a heritage experience by helping visitors to develop a strong sense of understanding and appreciation of a place. The project must relate to, or include, a State Registered place or precinct.


Category Winner

MissionsConnect is the first immersive technological tool of its kind in Australia that is effective as a heritage repository. It documents the State heritage-listed site of Mogumber mission. It further captures the intangible heritage, the memories and lived experiences of the Stolen Generations Survivors of Mogumber. It narrates their stories within a Virtual Reality reconstruction of these places, providing a decolonised narrative of a significant period and place.

Esperance Tanker Jetty replacement and interpretation

Joint Commendation

The Replacement Jetty in Esperance showcases how innovative interpretation strategies can capture the important meanings and cultural values of a heritage place, through all phases of design and construction, even when the fabric of the place itself will be dramatically changed through de-construction. The design team, led by H+H Architects, assisted the Shire of Esperance in realising the continuation of cultural heritage values of this iconic landmark so that it can continue to be enjoyed by current and future generations.

Wadjemup Museum

Joint Commendation

The Wadjemup Museum is housed in the beautiful Old Mill & Hay Store on Rottnest Island. The Rottnest Island Authority engaged Creative Spaces to update the existing displays in order to attract a younger audience, and keep up-to-date with modern museum methods of storytelling. The vision was to reinvigorate the museum with new exhibits that include both contemporary and historic stories of the island's history whilst being sensitive to the Aboriginal heritage of the island.

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